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"I highly recommend the P3R program as the best film series that I have seen  in addressing the issue of bullying on middle school campuses. My students found the  films realistic and felt the story plots were timely and that any student could identify with the students in the stories. The contemporary issue of cyber-bullying is addressed as well as interviews with the students giving their perspective on what they could have done differently. My students were excited to address ways to work toward eliminating bullying on our campus."
  Kristi Morris, Counselor, Goleta Valley Junior High, California

"It would be difficult to find a classroom project that better illustrates the range of skills currently termed '21st century literacies,' and considered increasingly essential for academic and real-world achievement."
  National Council of Teachers of English's "Council Chronicle".

"Stories of Us brought about many benefits to our classroom, not the least of which was the community that stemmed from this project. My students, racially, economically, and experientially diverse, came together in a way that I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing in my 16 years of teaching. Being 8th graders, the students came to my class in late August, with strong peer groups already entrenched. But on more than one occasion, I witnessed groups of students who would never have had intimate conversations, let alone personal ones, discussing issues around their race, and around specific topics such as their hair. It was remarkable! As a teacher, I strive to create community. Yet, that sense of complete openness and safety are elusive. Not with this project. Discussing an issue so all-reaching and meaningful as bullying, and working together in situations which required trust, allowed peer groups, formerly unmatched, to come together. Students who never sat together started eating lunch together, in essence, desegregating our cafeteria. We became a family, and truly got to know one another. It was beautiful."
 Shameem Rakha, Teacher, Franklin Middle School, Illinois

“The Stories of Us videos are real and believable for anyone who has worked in schools. In addition the guide gives schools the tools they need to provide a quality bullying prevention program for all students.”
  John Nori, Director of Instructional Leadership Resources,
  National Association of Secondary School Principals

"The Stories of Us video about bullying is the best film on the topic that I’ve seen.  The students depict the bullying interactions with a realism that makes this a great teaching tool.  It will appeal to educators, students, parents and anyone else struggling with the issue of bullying."
  John Weitzel, Secondary Principal, St. Paul Public Schools, Nebraska

"I have seen the films on several occasions and regard them as exceptional efforts in portraying real life adolescent interaction. They are remarkable tools which educators can use to assist school and classroom efforts to stem the rise of bullying. It is very helpful for adolescents to see how their fellow students react in situations they often confront. The associate materials accompanying the films guide both educator and student in meaningful conversation, which can lead to insightful resolution of real life issues. As you consider how best to resolve local bullying concerns, Stories of Us should be highly regarded in that effort."
 Peter F. Murphy, Executive Director, Californian League of Middle Schools

Stories of Us: P3R is a perfect fit for young people and a program worth implementing. Not only is it a powerful tool for dealing with bullying, but it plays into the young people's enduring sense of self and fairness. Through the voices of peers, it illuminates that message in a unique and engaging approach."
  Deborah Kasak, Executive Director,
  National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Refor

"The storylines and dialogue are that of the students and it is so realistic that I felt at times I was reviewing a surveillance tape instead of watching a scripted drama unfold in front of me."
  Patti Kinney, National Center for Middle Level Leadership
  National Association of Secondary School Principals

“Having been a middle school principal at two different middle schools in a small, urban school system, I have witnessed first-hand both the physical and psychological impact of bullying on young people at an age that is well-known for kids struggling with peer relationships. Educators at the middle level have been at a loss to identify effective tools and resources to assist us in working with our school community to address this concern.  The middle school-focused Stories of Us will immediately engage students, teachers and parents alike to work together to positively enhance the school climate and provide a safe and caring learning environment for all students.”
   Dr. Carol Stack, former Principal, Illinois

"In order to effect students attitudes about bullying you must first reach them emotionally. In Stories Of Us students can identify with characters in the film, and how bullying harms them and their friends. This leads to engagement of students seeking to solve problems that affect them. And with the use of the comprehensive classroom resource teachers can open a dialogue.

Stories Of Us
is excellent because it involves students and gives them a voice in solving the issue of students  being humiliating at school. And is one of the best programs available to fulfill anti-bullying mandates that your district policy requires."
  Bill J. Bond, Specialist for School Safety,
  National Association of Secondary School Principals

“An advanced showing of Stories of Us was presented at the International Bullying Prevention Association in the fall of 2007. The excellent filming of students in real life situations will open the doors to meaningful student discussions of the various impacts and perspectives of bullying behaviors in their life experience.  This film and its companion written materials will support a school system’s comprehensive efforts to reduce bullying behaviors.”
  Marlene Snyder, Ph.D., Past President, International Bullying Prevention Association

"This project high
lighted why the arts are such an important part of learning. The Stories of Us process provided an inside look at bullying, rather than an outward exploration, which is the common method used in classrooms. It gave students a voice and a forum for them to explore and present their experience on film. The process helped the students understand themselves. Their thinking was altered so they now stop to consider the effect of their actions and words on others. This was a powerful experience that has touched the lives of my students forever."
   Dixie Gaer, Drama Teacher, Irving Middle School

Further testimonials for the US program will be added in coming months.

The following relate to the Australian resources:    

"Stories of Us is the best, most realistic account of bullying in schools that I have come across. The videos provide an excellent way of introducing the subject of bullying in schools to students as a prelude to constructive classroom discussion. Unlike many other videos on the same theme, Stories of Us will hold the interest of students because the stories are told in dramatic form by students as only they can tell it. These videos provide compulsive viewing for both children and educators."
   Professor Ken Rigby, University of South Australia

"ASPA fully recommends and endorses these high quality resources to all secondary teachers and schools. They focus on the key issues that are at the heart of student wellbeing and importantly they demonstrate the power and value of student voice."
  Sheree Vertigan, President, Australian Secondary Principals Association

"APPA takes great pleasure in endorsing two video resources for upper primary students on Bullying and Belonging.  They really are a fantastic resource and should be in every primary school in the nation."
   Leonie Trimper, President, Australia Primary Principals Association (APPA)

“As a teacher you can be inundated with well-being products. But the impact of the video on the kids was unbelievable. They recognized their own language, behaviors and culture, it blew them away.”
    Kate Pollock, Teacher, Hillsmeade Primary School, VIC

“The students were highly engaged in the videos. The teacher notes encouraged excellent discussion in our classroom. One of the best resources I have ever used.”
   Karen Box, Student Counselor, Streaky Bay Area School, SA

"Stories of Us is wonderful resource that engages young people and leads them
in discussing bullying situations. A great resource for schools."
   Andrew Fuller, Clinical Psychologist & Family Therapist

"Many of the issues I deal with when counselling students or dealing with issues of Student Behaviour Management revolve around bullying and harassment. These three videos are outstanding, they're Australian, they're real and they present it as it is."
      Louise Ward, Middle School Co-ordinator,
       Student Behaviour Management, Henley High School

"The striking characteristic of the video was the absolute sense of reality and credibility of both characters and scenarios. It accurately and poignantly portrays what, regrettably for many, is a daily occurrence. Viewing the video, I was convinced its contents would strike an immediate and strong chord with students. The vignettes would give rise to at least three lessons, and appraisal and strategy development. An excellent resource."
      David Richards, Student Counsellor, Craigmore High School

"This resource is a valuable contribution to invite young people to take a stand against bullying and harassment."
      Brook Friedman, Manager Five Schools Bullying Prevention Project



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