Christopher Faull

Filmmaker and Stories of Us (USA) LLC President Christopher Faull is the Founder and creator of the Stories of Us resources – both the method by which the films are developed in collaboration with young people, and the format of their application in the classroom. Christopher produced and directed the films for all previous versions of Stories of Us – and is responsible for the American series.

With over twenty years experience as producer, director and writer of film, television and documentary, Christopher is credited with more than eighty productions encompassing a broad range of subjects and styles. These include: a feature film about a young woman’s search for identity; a television-hour documentary exploring the complex relations between the Jewish and Arab population of the Old City of Jerusalem; a short film designed to help reduce repeat offending with alcohol-related crime; and a film and CD-ROM to educate young children about road safety.

In recent years he has specialized in working with young people, perfecting the approach that has been so effective in his numerous productions for the education sector.



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