The Promoting Positive Peer Relationships (P3R) bullying prevention resources center on two films developed and produced with students, and provide extensive curriculum materials, staff training and community education.

Two classes of 8th Grade students at Franklin Middle School (Champaign, IL) and Irving Middle School (Lincoln, NE) collaborated in the production of the two films. Over a period of two months, each class of the students shared their experiences of bullying and helped write the film script, develop the scenes, rehearsed and finally performed all the student roles in the 23 minute films. Every word of dialogue is their own, and every detail approved by the students to ensure the films are as realistic as possible. The students also worked in supporting positions on the film crews. The majority of filming took place within their schools, with the general student population as a backdrop.

HELP: If you are experiencing difficulty with bullying, speak to your teacher, school counselor, psychologist, social worker, or other caring adult at school or in your community. Or phone the Boys Town National Hotline: 1-800-448-3000 (the hotline is for both girls and boys). You will also find helpful information and advice on the Stop Bullying Now! web site.

Students' Pages

Students collaborating on the project have shared their experiences of bullying, and the film development and production process. To access the students' pages, go to Film One or Film Two and select from the list of students' names.

Film Competition

Student films produced using the Stories of Us method can now be submitted for the national 21st Century Skills Bullying Prevention Film Competition.

Visit the competition page for more information.




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