Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
I was really looking forward to meeting Chris I was even more excited to start this project my expectations were that it would be exciting and fun but difficult and so far it has been exciting and fun. My expectations now are is that this quarter of school will be difficult and on many nights I may have a lot of homework because of the school we’ll be missing for this project. I have high hopes for this project. I hope that I’ll do good. I’m also hoping I can get a role in film for I like acting and I think it would be very fun to act in a movie. I also think that it will be fun to work with Chris and in the end see the finished film.

I think that this journey has given me a lot and that I’m so glad I get to participate in this once in a lifetime chance and I also think that I can give to it because I’m different than most girls and I have been bullied in some ways they haven’t because I’m a tom boy and hang out with guys the most. One thing is because of the way I dress or the sports I play like football and I’m better than a lot of guys at that so I get bullied because they don’t wanna get beat by a girl.

Bullying  is…
Jealousy           pain
Mental             physical
Put others down
Sad                  depressing
Hurtful            mean

Does it need to end in pain?
It can start with anything but it almost always end in pain
Bullies just try to shut your voice off to put you down to be hurtful and mean
but don’t sink to their level just hold your ground
don’t let them get you down
Bullying can start with anything from jealously to the way you are but don’t let those bullies pound your self-esteem into the ground
It can start with anything but it doesn’t always have to end in pain

I think that the auditions were fun but difficult and I think the easiest role for me was B and trying to get rid of C. I thought I did ok but today I was a bid disappointed that I didn’t get a larger role but I’m ok with it. I think that during the auditions it’s hard to be yourself when put in the different rules but I think I did good. Umm I can’t think of anything uhh, so far it has been a great experience and it’s been fun. I hope my essay for social studies is ok. I’m done I think.

Bullying experiences
I remember…
When B--- beat up my X.
When I was shoved to the group by Q---.
When E--- table toped me during practice.
When guys made fun of me cause I was better than them at sports.
When I made my X scared saying their were snakes in the lake.
When me and my X pushed my X into the lake.
When I was called a lesbian because of my hair.
When I was bullied because I wrote weird.
I remember when my X almost broke my PS2 on purpose.
When I was in seething pain because I was pushed off my bike and broke my arm.
A twing in my wrist when a guy pushed me back and I sprained it.
A smack of ball against my face when a guy threw a basketball at me.

Reactions to the filming process…
it is fun
it’s cool
It’s a once in a lifetime chance
It is a great experience
rocks on ice

It’s been kinda boring so far but I expect it will be better while we’re filing and less boring cause I won’t be sitting around in a classroom with nothing to do. I’m really excited to be filming and to get the hard part over with cause it will be very hard making up all that school work since we’re missing about 5 days of school. I’m excited I at least get a small part in the film. I’m so ready for the filming to start.

While we made this bullying film I realized a lot of things. One is that I never want to be a bully. Another if your being bullied keep your self under control and to try and stop the bullying in a peaceful way.

This film's potential impact on others …
I think this film will change others and hopefully bullies and teach them how bad it can get and how much it hurts.

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