Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
I thought that Chris was a good person. It seemed like he was genuinely interested in the project, and what he was doing. I thought that the project seems like a good idea, and the fact that we’re writing it makes it all the more interesting. I don’t think that I want to really act in this movie because I hate watching myself, and I’d rather not miss 5 periods of class time. The amount of time spend on homework would be overwhelming. Also, if it goes till 4:30, I could very well miss the bus: I also don’t know how long it lasts so I awoke yesterday, unaware that I would have to do this movie thing. It was a surprise when this dude with a funny accent showed up. I was like, “Oh yeah, I forgot all about that.” It went pretty much how I expected and we didn’t learn anything new or interesting.

I think that I will mostly bring ideas to the script. I already know I’m not gonna be a big part i9n the movie itself. Most likely though, I won’t contribute anything seeing as we have people in this class that are extremely selfish. The process will probably teach me about writing a script and acting. Anyways I was just wondering how much science homework I’m gonna have because I’m missing it a lot. Mr. Kay, I’m sure won’t have any sympathy for that and all end up spending hours maybe doing assignments that were meant to be done in class and with a group. I don’t know how I’m going to make up science experiments/labs either. My shady science grade is about – probably to drop to a C-D-F?

Bullying is…
throw               mean                verbal              slap
yell                  bad                  sexual              punch
jump                evil                  assault             kick
light on fire     painful             hit                    beat

Well the audition went horribly for me. I was kinda nervous, and Louis made the scene fake place in “hot topic” of which I had only been in once or twice in my life. So it came as no surprise when I was not picked for a part in the movie. In a way that is a good thing, and a bad thing because I would like to be in a movie but also I don’t really want to work for it.

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When a kid named A--- beat up a kid named C---…sort of
When a kid named C--- pushed over a kid named C---
When everyone made fun of that one kid in gym
When a lot of kids beat up C---.
The sound of people crying and yelling.
The sound of kids being made fun of.
The thud as he hit the floor after being tripped.

When I was a fourth grader in my elementary school in Clemson South Carolina a friend of mine used to use another friend of mine as a human punching bag. I used to just watch when he was getting beat up, and I would feel bad afterwards when it was over.

Reactions to the filming process…
It’s kind of boring to just sit around all day, but I know that I will eventually get to do some of the more fun stuff when we start filming. My expectations for the film are that I will have a very small part, and the rest of the time I will just be some random person in the background.

This film's impact on you…
After being involved in the movie I have been thinking about the topic of bullying much more frequently than I used to. Though I can't honestly say that I have undergone a life changing breakthrough, I can say that I have realized bullying is not just a trivial matter.

This film's potential impact others…
After making and watching this film I have learned more on the topic of bullying. I am glad with how the film turned out, and I am hopeful that it gets good publicity in the teaching community so that schools will buy it and students will change from watching it. I really do think a lot of good will come out of this movie.

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