Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
When we started talking abut the project before break I was really excited. But through break I forgot about it. I had no idea what was happening Monday until I walked in and after sitting I saw him. All of a sudden it all came back. I was very excited. It was good to get to have a class conversation with him. I understood he had to talk to us, but the whole time I kept wondering if we were going to begin anything. I wanted to go to the other side and do a practice activity. Or begin to do something to help our characters. Even though it was kind of boring I still enjoyed hearing what he had to say. He seemed like a nice man who enjoys his work. I expect that this project will be really fun and new.

At first I feared that we (my partners and I) would do bad in the auditions. While practicing we kept laughing, messing up, or being interrupted. Walking into the room was scary. I really wanted to be in the documentary – video (thing?)! But when we were in there the confidence just came to me and I was able to do it. I was still afraid that I would not make it because we kept having to redo our audition. This morning when he was calling out names for the main characters in the video I kept listening to hear my name. When I didn’t I knew that we should’ve done better our first try in auditions. Then when I heard mine and Sadie’s name for the guy’s video I knew that maybe it was better to redo it three times!

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When I beat a girl up because she took my money,
When my “friend” was telling lies about me.
When S--- cousin hit her.
When everyone spread rumors about my family in A---.
When J--- threatened me and my family.
When the rumor started in G---.
When the boys mocked my friend.
The laughing and the sun.
The horrible gestures across English.
The names from D---.
The snap of her arm and the stain on the blacktop.
When I was nearly drowned.
The lies flying through the air.
Walking to the library and hearing the jokes.
My “cousins” breaking my windmill.

I've been in many bullying situations. Once was when these two girls kept stealing my money and making fun of me. They took my money everyday, even though they had their own. They made fun of the way I dressed and acted. It never stopped and became a main reason I moved.

Reactions to the filming process…
having a lot of fun
involving everyone
fun for all, directed by Chris Faull
all about bullies
he’s a very interesting guy

This film's impact on you …
Since the movie I see bullying differently. I also now have sorta seen how both sides feel. I've learned different things that are bullying to some but seem like innocent teasing to the 'bully'. I now know to be more cautious of what I say and do.

This film's potential impact on others …
I hope this video will impact others alot. I think it will make them realize that they may be bullies. By saying small things they may not know is mean, they could hurt someone. It could also help people to know what to do and what not to do when being bullied. Unfortunately, this movie may not affect some people at all.

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