Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
Before Chris came, I was so very excited to meet him. I knew we were going to have to work hard on this project and I know we will. I think we should do a lunch scene, in the cafeteria and bring it outside, down at the bottom of the hill. In my opinion, I think this will be a very fun, unique, and exciting project. This is a great opportunity for all of us kids. I am so excited we actually have a chance to do this. We are all actually going to be in a move, and it’s nation wide! Yah!

I am so very excited that I get to be one of the main characters! I wonder what it’s going to be like when I see the movie? I cannot wait until we start filming. This is so exciting. I want to be the bully so bad because if I’m the bully, I’d be like the main character! I am very excited that we even get a chance to do this movie, Yay! I’m so happy! Me, Kayla, and Hannah get to be in this movie together.

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When a guy would constantly trip me on the stairs.
S--- made B--- cry.
When D--- slapped B---.
When I yelled at A--- for calling me and my friends sluts.
When C--- beat up I---.
When I saw the S-- jump somebody.
When S--- pulled out C---‘s weave.
A--- slapped Mrs. N---
When I was yelling at J---.
When I was being rude and yelled at S---.
I told my little bro to shut up.
When C--- threatened that he was going to blow up the school on the last day, last year.
Everybody called and still called me jiz which is another word for sperm.

I remember being a bystander in a bully situation. One day K, J, Y and I were standing in the hall after school. One of my friends called this girl a "slut" as she walked by. I wasn't involved in it as they yelled back and forth at each other. As a bystander, I didn't say anything.

Reactions to the filming process…
I am so excited because I have one of the main roles! I think that everything is going really well and it has been. I cannot wait until we start filming. It is going to be hard not to laugh in a dramatic or sad scene, but I’m going to have to get into the scene. I think it will be pretty easy after the first day of filming, because then I’ll know how everything’s going to be for the rest of the filming.

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