Reactions to filming Stories of Us at Irving…
Well, when we first heard about this project I was really excited for this opportunity. We spoke a lot about how it would be done and that we would have to miss other classes at times ant that was a little worrying. When Chris Faull came it was interesting to talk about the project in a group I thought a lot about how the end product could end up looking, but its still fun not really knowing. As a group, this class seemed very interested and willing to participate, which is good because if they didn’t care, it would affect the quality of film we were able to produce. I’m glad we are able to talk in group settings to get more ideas. If we weren’t the day would have been a chaotic mess of shouting and not listening and nothing constructive could have been done, so we’re lucky we are able to communicate when in a group.

My contribution to this project is who I am. If I wasn’t here, the end result would not be the same. The same can be said for any person in this room. I’m glad I have a chance to do this project and I think it’s neat how everyday we’re learning new things about the whole process. Within this process, individual personality is extremely important and one of the necessary things for a worthwhile result. If this class didn’t have many varied people with varied personalities, we would be a terrible choice to help make the movie. Within the project we’re told to behave as we would in regular day to day life, so it’s obvious that we all matter to the project. Despite the increased effort needed from each of us and the slothful personalities of some members of the group, I believe that this classroom is an ideal group of people for this. I’m glad that I’m in this group so I can have this opportunity.

Bullying is…
Has a victim and a bully
Is painful
Should be stopped
Bullies are weak of mind

Yesterday we auditioned for the movie. I thought it was really fun and I liked it a lot. It was nice we got to be in groups we were comfortable with instead of people we didn’t know well. Anyway, my group had lots of fun when we were deciding parts and acting it out and just the whole thing, so I’d say it was less stressful than other auditions could be. When we heard the parts today I was really surprised. I couldn’t believe nobody from my group was picked. They were all so good at it, but I know the people who were chosen are good for the parts as well. Really thought my group members were all great and I wish at least one of us had made it. I’m glad we will still be in the movie though.    

Bullying experiences…
I remember…
When some boys were throwing stuff at T---.
When I told one girl I wanted her to stay away from me.
When a boy put my eraser down his pants.
When a girl told everyone rumors about me.
When my best friend told everyone a secret I told her.
When my X would lock me outside so they didn’t hear me cry.
When my X left me at the park.
When my friends and I told a girl she could come to our birthday and didn’t let her.
When I was hit in the face with a basketball.
When some guy told me I was fat and ugly for no reason.
When my best friend from church said I wasn’t mature enough for her.
When my friends would run away and forget me.
When some boy tried to beat me up so I punched him.
When a friend stole my dolls.
When the kids in my class said my writing was stupid.
When I got my candy stolen by some high schoolers and I was 7.

Once a boy in my class was swearing, and when I asked him to stop he swore more and made fun of me. When it happened, I didn't consider it bullying and I doubt he thought it was either, but now I understand that bullying is always going. If other people realized this, would they be more careful to avoid it? The only way to know is to tell them in a way they'll listen.

Because its against my religion to swear, when the boy made fun of me he was disrespecting my beliefs. It made me really angry because of how strongly I believe in my faith. But I tried to ignore him, because I didn't want to get into trouble at school. After a while, though, he broke through my patience and I ended up yelling at him and storming off, which he thought was hilarious. I was really pretty mad about the whole thing.

Reactions to the filming process…
It’s a process
that’s quite fun
I’m enjoying it.
I will ‘till its done
I’ve not done as much as another
But it’s cool
Oh brother!

To date, I feel the process has gone well. We’ve been able to do things in here and according to Chris and the main role people it’s been pretty good over in the other room too. So far it seems to be going well with only mistakes of people forgetting to bring things like clothes. I expect the filming process will be difficult because we need to be very careful not to look at the camera or trip and mess up the scene. Also, if we do mess up we’ll have to do it over so it could get very long. But there is still an enjoyable aspect to the project that we’ll have when we do well in a scene or we get to see others do well. So the process should end up well enough.

This film's impact on you …
The movie really helped me in a lot of ways. I really believed I had never been involved in bullying before now. In truth, I probably experience it everyday. Because I know this, I can avoid bullying others better. Now I realize how big a problem bullying is and why it's so important.

This film's potential impact on others …
( 12/20/07)
If people are able to gain as much by watching the movie as I did from making it, then it will really impact them. Because they can see it better, they'll stop it. And, when it does happen they'll know how to react to it. The movie is a great thing and will really raise bullying awareness for everyone.

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