Bullying Experiences

How do you feel about bullying?
(9/5/07) I feel that it should bee illegal and that if you are bullied you should be allowed to fight back.

What have you learned about bullying from this project?
I learned that it comes in varies forms from physical to cyber space.

Film Project Experience

What do you think of this project?
I think that this project will be a success and that it will teach kids all over the country the effects of bullying. I think that Chris Faull has a great way of making the video because he lets us kids make the movie and create the story line. He picks kids not by talent but by what HE thinks would work. He also has jobs for those who will not be acting such as lighting, the “making of” film, crew work, and wardrobe people.

How has the project been so far?
So far, this project has been an exiting experience and a fun time to learn more about bullying than you knew before.

What are your hopes and expectations for the coming weeks?
I hope that we make the movie that will change the lives of people who are bullied daily. 

Poems/ Lyrics about bullying

Bullies all over
You walk down the hallway
And you witness something mean
There’s bullying all around
This something you have already seen
You’ve seen it in the park
You’ve seen it in the streets
You’ve only seen it done to those who are weak


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