Film Project Experience

What do you think of this project?
(9/5/07)  I think that this project is pretty unique because it’s something that not a lot of schools get to do. I think were really lucky to be doing such a cool project like this. I’m really excited to like get started and start filming and have an every day schedule.

How has the project been so far?
(9/5/07) It’s been pretty fun but because we haven’t really started yet there’s been a lot of like question and answer and a lot of taking notes.
(9/7/07) Today it was really fun! We got to talk about what we thought the story line should be. So we mostly were in groups and were brainstorming. However, it’s definitely a step up from the question and answer!

What are your hope and expectations for the coming weeks?
(9/7/07) I honestly don’t really have any because I’ve never done a movie so I don’t know what to expect.


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