Bullying Experiences

What experiences have you had with bullying?
(9/9/07) I have not had many experiences with it but I will share a few. The main problem was talking about me. It was not so much as rumors just saying stuff like she ugly, her hair is not cute,  and she think she the stuff. Nevertheless, even that kind of stuff hurts.

How do you feel about bullying?
(9/9/07) Bullying is a really awful and harsh thing. It hurts and most of the time when people bully it’s because they’re hurting their selves so they want to try to hurt others. I really hate the fact that people do bully.

What have you learned about bullying from this project?
(9/11/07) I learned about different ways of bullying like on Myspace, Instant Messenger, and cyber space. I’ve also learned more about why people bully, where and when it happens, and who it affects. I am glad that I am in this project because now I know how to help stop bullying.
This project has been so cool. Not only is it informational, its fun. I like working with Chris because he has cool ideas. He really knows what direction he wants to take the movie in. Working with the other actors was fun because I really got to know them! I really liked the acting the most since I am one of the main actors (Nikki).

Film Project Experience

What do you think of this project?
(9/5/07) So far, it has been a very enjoyable experience working with my classmates and getting to know them better.  I also learnt a lot about bullying that I have never knew about it. It also makes me sad to know about what some kids have to go through.

How has the project been so far?
(9/5/07) Well it has been very helpful so far.   I really like the way the Christopher Faull (the director) is very very helpful. He is always willing to explain and expand his meanings and visions.

What are your hopes and expectations for the coming weeks?
(9/9/07) I hope to get a lot of this. I also hope that when kids see the movie they know how it feels to be bullied and if they are bullies they stop being them.  I expect this project to be a lot of help to schools worldwide.

Poems/ Lyrics about bullying

(9/12/07) BE COOL                          
Bullies think it is funny
They just want to laugh
They don’t see past the tears
Into your rough past
Parents wonder about shootings
And kids getting killed
If they only would have said stop
Or been a little self willed
It is not about what their friends wanted
Or what was hip to do
But it is about doing what is right
Don’t worry about others just do you

They said if I was nice and didn’t tease
All the kids would be my friends and would do as I please
So when the rumor started that I was a being lain
I thought if I ignored it, it would be washed away with the rain
But it’s coming from the girls that travel in a group
And treat the other the girls like toast and they are the soup


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