Bullying Experiences

What experiences have you had with bullying?
(9/19/07) Well personally, I do not have that many experiences with bullying but I have seen it in the school. I have seen kids picked on for the way they dress and there actions. I have also seen kids feel helpless and feel like there is nothing they can do to stop the group of bullies and know one they can tell.

How do you feel about bullying?
(9/19/07) Well I have been going to school all my life and so far, I have seen a lot of bullying. People may say they never see it but they do. It is everywhere and is happening all the time. Often people do not notice bullying because they only see the serious things not just the small insults. I feel like bullying is a very big part of the school experience and its going to take a long time to change.

What have you learned about bullying from this project?
I have learned many people in my class’s stories. I have also learned how common bullying is and the most common ways people are bullied.
(9/21/07) I think that this has also taught me how people feel when they are bullying and what things make people feel the worst.

Film Project Experience

What do you think of this project?
(9/5/07) Well so far, we have not gotten that in to the project but as it stands, I think it is exciting and cool that we get to be part of such an awesome project. I think this movie will help people understand what bullying is and what goes on during the time there kids are at school and on the computer.

How has the project been so far?
The project so far has been very fun and exciting. It is definitely a new experience being interviewed by the news and being taped by ABC. Mr. Faull has been great and has helped us become more familiar with movies and improvisation. It’s also cool how he is turning our stories into a big movie.

What are your hopes and expectations for the weeks?
(9/7/07) I hope that the following weeks bring the same excitement and entertainment as the last two weeks have brought. I also am excited for doing more acting and hands on things instead of just stating examples of bullying.


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