Bullying Experiences

What experiences have you had with bulling?
(9/07/07) The worst experience I have had with bulling is when I was in fourth grade when to boys were messing with me because I got a good grade on a project. They were calling me names and hitting me. Then they both started hitting me and one of them tried to stab me with a fork.

How do you feel about bulling?
(9/07/07) When it comes to bulling I feel that it is wrong because people only bully people because of the why they look, they act or what the do and that causes people to have low self-steam.

What have you learned about bulling from this project?
(9/07/07) From this project I have learned that bulling happens in many different ways and many people do not notice it.  

Film Project Experience

What do you think of this project?
(9/02/07) I think that this project will have an impact upon many students that are being bullied and that are bulling and it will be a helpful thing for some people.

How has the project been so far?
(9/02/07) So far, the project has been good. Everybody’s story has been flowing well and I think it will work out good.

What are your hopes and expectations for the coming week?
(9/02/07) My expectations for the following week are to keep the same pace that we have had so every thing can turn out to be good.

Poems/ Lyrics about bullying

My view of bulling (9/12/07)

Why do people bully other people?
Is it because their jealous?
Is it because they think nothing of themselves?
Or is it just because they do it for attention?
I do not know why people bully others because the only thing it does is make others think little of themselves.
Bulling needs to stop because it can get serious over something that could just be worked out.
Do you think that bulling should stop?
I do.



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