Bullying Experiences

What experiences have you had with bullying?
I would not say that I have been bullied that bad but just the occasional your ugly and stupid things like that

How do you feel about bullying?
I think that bullying is really bad I mean we are never going to be able to completely stop it but we can definitely lessen by showing the bully’s what they are doing and showing the kids who are getting bullied how the can stand up for them selves

What have you learned about bullying from this project?
I have learned that effects all people differently and that its sticks to some people more than you think

Film Project Experience

What do you think of this project?
(9/5/07) I think this project is cool because I believe it will help many students connect and realize that they are not the only ones that are having bullying problems. Also be able to resolve there problems with out getting into fights. This video will also allow teachers and parents to know more about bullying and be able to help the student in the best possible way.

How has the project been so far?
(9/7/07) So far this project seems really exciting! I can’t wait until we actually start filming and I can really see it come together.

What are your hopes and expectations for the coming week?
I hope for the next following weeks to watch this movie evolve and actually see what it is going to be like creating the movie whether or not I am in it.

Poems/ Lyrics about bullying

Walking down the hall
Mellow as a fellow
Shoved against the wall
Trying to break free
Punched in the face
Asked for money
Refusing and trying to fight back
Punched kicked shoved
Bleeding from your nose
Black eye
You brake free
Running away
Do not tell anyone
What is this you ask?
What it is


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