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Film One

The Promoting Positive Peer Relationships (P3R) bullying prevention resources center on two films developed and produced with students, and provide extensive curriculum materials, staff training and community education.

Film One
was developed and produced in collaboration with a class of twenty-eight 8th Grade students.   [Also see Film Two]


We recommend first reading the film's Synopsis before watching the Previews.


Film One Preview

Collaborating Students

Over a period of two months the students shared their experiences of bullying and helped shape the film script, workshoped the scenes, rehearsed and finally performed all the young roles in the 23 minute dramatized film. The majority of the filming took place within the school environment, with the general student population as a backdrop.

Shameem Rakha, Teacher: This project afforded my students an opportunity to be truly engaged in learning. In addition, they were given the wonderful opportunity to be a part of changing the climate of American schools. How many students can say that!

In the pages linked below, the collaborating students from Franklin Middle School in Champaign, Illinois share their experiences of bullying, and the film development and production process.

For example, Carolyn writes: I’ve sort of kind of bullied others (okay, I bullied them). I was really catty in elementary school and was super mean to this girl *Mary*, whose sister had epilepsy. I called Mary’s sister a retard, and Mary started crying... >More

Akshay Carolyn Cedric "Cookie"
Courtney David Giselle Jessica
"Jerome" Keneasha Kyle R. Kyle S.
Laura Mason McKenzie Melanie
Meriah Michelle Pedro Phillip
Roniesha Simon Tara "Thomas"




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