Why bullying prevention?
  BB Bullying was a factor in 2/3 of the 37 school shootings reviewed by the U.S. Secret Service;
  BB Every day over 160,000 students stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied;
  BB 75% of adolescents report having been bullied at some time during their school years.

Bullying is a major concern for schools across the USA. It interferes with students' engagement and learning, and bullied children are much more likely to be depressed, anxious, have low self-esteem, and think about suicide. And research shows that bullies are more likely to get into frequent fights, vandalize or steal, be truant or drop out of school, or carry a weapon.

Relatives and the local community may be the first to witness bullying or its consequences, but would you recognize bullying when you see it? Instant messaging, MySpace and internet chat rooms; sophisticated social bullying – it's an ever-changing landscape in which young people can fall victim to bullying in many forms.

To help educate the community about the reality of bullying today, the Promoting Positive Peer Relationships (P3R): Stories of Us – Bullying program includes the Community Education Resource.

Additional information will also be provided as this section of the Stories of Us web site is expanded in coming months.



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